Feeder, Lincolnshire Showground Festival 2017

First festival of the year with Feeder. We all had a great time in the sunshine. Come and see us in a muddy field this summer.

I also want to say thank you to the Police, Security, Paramedics, Local crew and Staff behind the scenes and front of house at festivals and venues around the world, working hard to to make everybody (band, crew and audience) happy, welcome and safe. It’s very much appreciated.

Feeder’s Tommy Gleeson Tokyo 2016

The very stylish Tommy Gleeson (Feeder) likes to chuck his guitar around on stage. He really gave it some welly on the last show of the Japan tour rocketing his telecaster so high he nearly took out some of the lighting ….. And yes he did catch it…. one handed. Rock and Roll. It took me nearly twenty shows to get this shot.