About Me

I’m Dan, I’m a Guitar/Backline Tech. I’m that fella who stands on the side of the stage at gigs tuning guitars and running on when something breaks or to swap guitars over (or to lift the drummer back on to his stool!) The fella who plays guitar (and whatever other instruments are on stage) for five seconds before the band come on.

I provide technical support to high profile musicians in rehearsal, live and recording environments. Mostly working with guitars and guitarists (inc. full set up and repair service), but also working with other stringed instruments such as Bass, Mandolin, Banjo etc. and occasionally working with drums, keys, audio and as a stage manager.

Im based in Greenwich, London, but travel wherever the work takes me. If you would like to book me, or would like more details, references, full C.V. etc. you can use the contact page or email me on

On a tour bus at a festival somewhere.

At home.

When I get the chance I like to paint.

At the office.

I’m the one on the right. Tommy Gleeson is on the left dancing with Lucille.

Kendal Calling 2017


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